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    Recommended Products

    Recommended Products

    Filled can depalletizer
    Filled can depalletizer
    Filled can depalletizer Filled can depalletizer Filled can depalletizer Filled can depalletizer


      Generally speaking, most canned food factories pile up sterilized and cooled canned goods 

    in heat retaining warehouse under temperature of 37土 1℃ for 5-7 days and nights to get 

    rid of defective canned foods. Full can palletizers are mainly applied to automatically 

    pile up canned goods that require heat retaining on pallet, which facilitates electric fork 

    truck to pile canned goods up inside the warehouse for heat retaining operation. Neatly-

    piled can stack can save space, and ensure unified heat retaining as well as testing 

    effect. After heat retaining, full can depalletizer is used to automatically depalletize 

    canned goods that have been piled up on the pallet onto assembly line for code printing and 

    packaging which has replaced the complicated heat retaining mode of manual can stacking, 

    greatly saving manpower and material resources and enhancing production efficiency.
      This full can palletizer belongs to transitional pallet type full can palletizer. In time 

    of laminated stacking, full can firstly enters smooth stainless steel pallet for 

    transition, does not contact intermediary paper during the course of pushing cans, pull out 

    stainless steel pallet when reaching code can position, cans can fall down steadily, 

    completely preventing the friction between cans and intermediary paper, being applicable to 

    intermediary paperboard of various thickness and material.     
    This full can depalletizer belongs to magnetic full can depalletizer. In time of layering 

    depalletization, magnetic force is utilized to suck cans out automatically, completely 

    avoid the phenomena that the friction between cans and intermediary paper results in 

    inverted cans and scratched intermediary paper. It is applicable to intermediary paperboard 

    of various thickness and materials, greatly reducing usage amount and costs of intermediary 


    Technical data:

    1.Capacity: 300 to 500 cans/min
    2. Applicable range: all kinds of cans and bottles like tin cans, aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles.
    3. Diameter range of cans: 50mm to 153mm
    4. Height range of cans: 50mm to 270mm
    5. Motor power: 7 KW
    6. Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 7000×1500×2500mm
    7. Weight: 3500 kg

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